Choose Wisely

June 13th, 2012   •   Comments Off on Choose Wisely   

Your people are your company’s competitive advantage.  As your partner, RefCheck® asks references the right questions—the questions that will provide you with ACTIONABLE INFORMATION you can use in your selection/decision-making process.

Our in-depth reference interviews are customized to obtain information that is relevant to our clients, so they are better able to predict each candidate’s likely success in their organization. Armed with knowledge of the client’s industry, their current challenges, culture, and environment, and the skills and style required in order to meet the demands of their strategic plans, we engage references as knowledgeable partners in the selection process.  Where clients elect, our research can be further enhanced by seamlessly integrating each position’s benchmarking process and the assessments of each candidate, which are tools that are proven to enhance the vetting process.