How to Choose Effective Employment References

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Choosing effective employment references who can speak to your candidate’s performance, skills set, and their critical soft skills will help you in making the best, most informed hiring decisions.


Here are a few tips that will help you in garnering the job-related information you need:


 1. Carefully review the candidate’s application and résumé.

If your employment application asks if a particular employer may be contacted, check to see if the candidate has asked that that employer not be contacted. During the interview, ask why they are not to be contacted. If it is because it’s their current place of employment, it is understandable that their manager should not be contacted. Ask for the contact information of a trusted colleague in whom they have confided about their job search. For former employers, make sure the candidate has provided their manager’s name and current contact information.


2. If the candidate provides a list of references:

Find out how the references related to the candidate, so you can determine if they are quality references. A best practice is to obtain the name(s) of final managers at each company where the candidate has worked, as they will be able to serve as the best reference, with the most recent/final information.


3. Ask the candidate for contact information.

Employers need the background information on their candidates quickly. Therefore, to reduce the time in reaching the references, it is imperative that the candidate provide their current contact information. Needing to contact the candidate when accurate information is not provided unnecessarily extends the time of completion of the background check. With today’s social-media capabilities, it is nearly impossible for a candidate to claim that they no longer know their former managers’ whereabouts or their contact information.



Failure to provide the information the employer requests may indicate that the candidate has reason why they don’t want a reference or references to be reached, and the employer may need to ask further questions of the candidate. Additionally, such practices, which indicate that the employer is a responsible employer that conducts stringent background-checks, may serve to discourage certain individuals from applying. That chilling effect indicates the efficacy of their practices, as it allows individuals with less-than-desirable work habits to apply at your competition.

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