2017 Employment Screening Trends

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Ban the Box Continues to Gain Momentum

In our 2015 leadership to-do list we talked about ban the box, and the need for senior leaders to understand its impact and the restrictions. Two years later, ban the box is still a growing movement (see HERE). And while the Trump administration may enact changes in this arena, employers must remain vigilant of and in compliance with the current rules.

Growth in “Gig”/Contingent Workforce Means New Parameters for Employers

Low unemployment rates, fast growth, as well as workers who prefer to work as freelancers, means that employers must review their screening practices to incorporate a workforce that focuses on “gigs,” temporary work, or specific assignments.  In the past employers might not have considered screening this segment of their workforce, believing that contingent workers do not meet the definition of “employee,” but over the last few years this thinking has changed, as employers recognize that these individuals are in fact their representatives in the marketplace, and often have access to sensitive information as well as to the company’s employees and customers. To mitigate the risk of allegations of disparate treatment, employers will need to develop screening practices that treat all individuals in similar positions the same.

Ongoing Screening Will Increase

Much as employers in the past have conducted ongoing, random substance-abuse testing, more employers are recognizing the need to adopt similar practices with other background screenings, in order to maintain a safe and secure workplace, both in terms of security as well as workplace safety. For employers considering this approach, it is imperative that the disclosure and authorization that the candidate initially signed clearly states that their consent serves for future checks as well.

Social Media Screenings Continue to be a Risky Process

With easy access to social media, many employers–and particularly hiring managers–often do their own research on viable candidates via this source. Often the information found leads to a negative impact on the candidate, but the data found through these sources is not considered reliable, as these sources provide protected-class information that could challenge an employer’s non-discriminatory policies and practices.


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