April is Workplace Violence Awareness Month: Employment Background Checks Are More Important Than Ever

April 9th, 2018   •   Comments Off on April is Workplace Violence Awareness Month: Employment Background Checks Are More Important Than Ever   
April is Workplace Violence Awareness Month: Employment Background Checks Are More Important Than Ever

“This unfortunate event was fully preventable. The information about this individual was readily available. Had you performed your due diligence as an employer, we would not be here today.”

With workplace violence becoming an all-too-frequent event in our country, RefCheck recognizes The Alliance Against Workplace Violence (AAWPV) and its efforts to raise awareness to the preventable nature of these events and encourage full employment background checks.

The steps an employer takes prior to bringing a possible threat to the workplace, is to conduct sound pre-employment background checks on every candidate, whether entry-level, or senior level.

Defining “sound pre-employment background checks”

Gone are the safe and simple days when employers didn’t have to worry much about workplace violence. Today, with the increase in workplace violence, coupled with the abundance of information that is available to employers, it is no longer an option for employers to not perform their full due diligence before bringing risk to its employees as well as their customers.

A cursory online search, even an online criminal-record search, will not meet the standards of sound pre-employment background checks. Sound pre-employment background checks are those that are tailored to each candidate, based on where they have lived and worked, as well as their employment history, and where thorough reference checks, with key references, are conducted by professional-level individuals who are equipped to tailor the conversation with a reference, not only based on the candidate’s employment history, but also on the responses from the reference. The #MeToo movement further accentuates the need for employers to be particularly vigilant in terms of whom they bring into their organization, because sexual harassment, a form of workplace violence, can occur at every level.

For more than 30 years RefCheck® has worked with employers to educate them and support their efforts in providing a safe place for its employees and customers by performing their due diligence in the selection process.

While the need for thorough background checks has always existed, the rise in violent incidents now catapults it to an URGENT matter. Thoroughly vetting each candidate–at every level of the organization–is no longer a nice-to-do; it’s THE RIGHT AND ETHICAL THING TO DO.

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Zuni Corkerton is the Founder and President of RefCheck® Information Services, Inc., a human resources-based firm that focuses on providing stellar employers with in-depth–not generic–background-screening services. She founded the company in 1986, when as director of employee relations for a regional bank she found that hiring blind was not a sound business option. She needed solid, objective, job-related background information on the bank’s candidates. RefCheck® helps employers to perform their due diligence in the selection process in order to protect their employees, and to protect their organizations from the risks inherent in the selection process: employee theft, workplace violence, and negligent-hiring and negligent-retention allegations. Adherence to federal and state laws is of paramount importance to the company.

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