January 31st, 2019   •   Comments Off on Bulletin: $2.3 MILLION SETTLEMENT IN DELTA AIRLINES SETTLES FCRA CLASS ACTION   

Delta Airlines and a class representative for employees and prospective employees have reached a proposed settlement. The settlement now must be approved by the courts, but it points to the high risks of non-compliance with the FCRA.

Schofield v. Delta Air Lines, Inc. alleges that Delta failed to include adequate disclosures in the forms provided to current and prospective employees, thus violating the FCRA as well as three California statutes. As is often the case in this type of litigation, the plaintiffs also allege that the forms violate the FCRA because they do not meet the fair-and-conspicuous requirements of the FCRA, and they contained extraneous information.

The class is composed of 44,100 individuals.

Recommendation: The FCRA is very specific as to the steps to be taken when conducting background checks through a third party, and as most employers recognize, it is nearly impossible for an employer to re-create what a professional screening company can provide in terms of background checks. Violations of the disclosure and authorization requirements of the FCRA often land employers in court, and yet these requirements are relatively easy to implement once the proper document is created. These violations are also easy targets for professional plaintiffs who work to “catch” companies’ failure to adhere to the Act.

Companies operating in California should be particularly vigilant, as the state has additional laws and much-stricter interpretations of the FCRA. For consistency and ease of implementation, they may choose to adopt the California requirements for all states where they operate.

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