Events and Speaking Engagements


July 28-31, 2016 – Zuni Corkerton, president and CEO of RefCheck, and Terry Corkerton, COO, will attend the Building Material Suppliers Association’s annual summer conference. The conference theme this year is “Champions by Design,” and Zuni will speak to the group in the session entitled “Olympic Trials: Hiring the Right Person.” For more information visit .


June 25, 2016 – A Radio Interview with Our President and Founder
Listen in as Zuni shares information with Salem Communications’ local station, WRFD (880 AM), regarding the value and importance of employment background checks.


May 4, 2016 – Our president, Zuni Corkerton, will travel to Springfield, Illinois, to address the Board of Directors of the Illinois Lumber and Material Dealers Association. As the board members are business owners, she will discuss the background screening products available to  employers in order to assist them in performing their due diligence in the selection process, in order to reduce the risks of violence in the workplace and other losses related to poor hiring decisions.


October 9, 2014 – RefCheck® president and CEO, Zuni Corkerton, will be speaking to the Rider Financial Group’s clients at Heritage Golf Club. She will speak to owners and leaders of small- and medium-size companies on Pre-Employment Background Checks; Available Tools to Protect Your Bottom Line.


October 17, 2014 – Zuni Corkerton, president and CEO, will speak at the Ohio Hospital Association’s Fall Conference, which will be held at Cherry Valley Lodge in Newark, Ohio. Her topic will be Protecting Your Bottom Line through Due Diligence and Compliance.


Past Events

We are sponsoring a series of educational workshops for CEOs, company presidents and other decision makers, and you are invited!

Protecting Your Company Against Employee Fraud and Other Risks

April 24: SESSION 1 – Why Do I Need to Do Employee Background Checks?

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May 29: SESSION 2 – What is a GOOD Employment Background Check?

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June 26: SESSION 3 – What Information is REALLY Available? Part 1 – Criminal and Driving Record Searches

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July 31: SESSION 4 – What Information is REALLY Available? Part 2 – Drug Testing

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Aug. 28: SESSION 5 –

What Information is REALLY Available? Part 3 – References? Employers Won’t Provide Any Information Besides Dates of Employment, Right?

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Sept. 25: SESSION 6 – The Fair Credit Reporting Act (Yes, the FCRA also pertains to employment background checks.)

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