Medical Sanctions Checks For Total Compliance


Healthcare regulations are constantly changing – lean on our platform to automatically update records with real-time alerts, saving you time and keeping your organization compliant.

Regulatory guidelines from the U.S. Office of the Inspector General (OIG) mandate that healthcare organizations cannot employ sanctioned vendors or individuals. Employers of licensed medical practitioners, such as physicians and nurses, must conduct regular sanction checks to avoid being penalized. Violating federal sanctions can result in hefty fines, suspensions, or even possible jail time, and your patients’ health may also be at risk.

While it’s important to protect your organization and your patients against sanctioned practitioners, many legacy screening providers offer compliance solutions that are outdated, burdensome, and expensive. Our data collection leverages the power of AI to help you meet healthcare compliance regulations with ease and accuracy, verifying any employed healthcare practitioners through a cloud-based, continuously updated database.

Automated Alerts For Fast Resolutions

Our powerful database allows you to proactively monitor any healthcare employee while also providing alerts for any sanctioned candidate. Receive clear insights on the violation source, sanction status, and the reason for the penalty.

Maintain Clear Understanding Of Health Care Compliance Requirements

Guidelines and standards for complex healthcare regulations are constantly changing. Our database provides up-to-date records on all practicing healthcare professionals, so your team can easily monitor employees to see if they meet any new compliance requirements.

Robust Employee Validation And Reporting Capabilities

Verify the identity of any sanctioned employee for fast screening validation. Receive comprehensive reports for transparent summaries on the status of all medical vendors. Store reports on our secure database and easily provide sanction results to any applicable federal or state agencies.