Global Watchlist and Sanctions Screening

Fight financial crime with our AI-powered search platform and robust name-matching technology, which automatically scans more than 4,500 global government watchlists daily. Supercharge Your AML Compliance With A Smarter Global Watchlist Search

Global watchlists are compiled by governments and international organizations to identify entities linked to crime, corruption, terrorism, laundering, and various other forms of unethical behavior. Entities include individuals, corporations, or even countries. Even if they aren’t actively committing a crime, listed entities may be connected to suspicious activity.

Engaging in risky business relationships with suspicious parties can result in severe regulatory penalties, financial loss, and reputational damage. But manually monitoring global databases for AML/KYC compliance can be an administrative quagmire that requires significant resources and power.

Expert Data Analysis

Sophisticated name-matching technology with flexible relevancy scores gives you in-depth and up-to-date information about relevant entities.

Nimble and Fast Updates

Our team helps design your product experience and can implement unique customizations in as little as 24 hours.

Proficiency Background Service

offers more power than a dedicated team of analysts – all within the convenience of a cloud-based interface. Unlike legacy providers, we use machine learning, AI-driven name-matching technology, and flexible relevancy scores to deliver the most current data without human error. With up-to-date, accurate reporting, you can mitigate risk, monitor suspicious activity, and reduce false positives up to 100%.