a senior-level hire is a MAJOR INVESTMENT.

Since 1986, RefCheck® has been the partner of choice for organizations that understand that EVERY HIRE, regardless of the level in the organization, is a financial transaction. Vetting those investments—and their likely ROI—is part of a robust due-diligence process that stellar employers undertake in partnership with RefCheck®.

Our service offerings are broad, in order to meet the needs of employers, board search committees, and investors. Our Executive Profiles (executive background checks) were developed and designed for key-role positions to provide our clients with the tailored, deep, and broad information they need. Because our team consists of leaders in their own right who have deep understanding of business, management, talent-acquisition, organizational challenges, and position benchmarking, we are able to leverage this expertise to quickly earn the respect of and fully engage senior-level references, while serving as an excellent representative of our client companies.


Employers, boards of directors, and investors have fallen victim to individuals who misrepresent their credentials, employment histories, and successes.

With RefCheck® as your partner, you no longer need to rely solely on rudimentary background information such as criminal and driving record searches and verifications of academic credentials. Such products are valuable tools, but do not cast the broad net needed to ensure full due diligence in the selection process. Enhancing those products with reference checks geared to the position level, RefCheck® provides you with an accurate, objective, balanced picture of the individual, which will help you determine not only his or her skills base, but also any risks associated with the individual and the critical nuances of style that will help you predict their fit into your organization and its culture.

RefCheck® stands alone in providing objective, unparalleled depth and breadth in vetting your candidates’ credentials as well as information regarding their accomplishments, opportunities, and style.

It’s not a reference check unless it’s a RefCheck®.