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Executive hires are the largest single investments many companies make. Leaders in every business and non-profit organization know that hiring the right team gets results, improves productivity, elevates corporate image, reduces turnover, and enhances workplace safety. They also know that hiring the right team minimizes the risks associated with claims of negligent hiring arising from violence in the workplace, theft, and fraud problems that can drain an organization’s assets, and damage or permanently ruin its reputation.

RefCheck® Information Services, Inc., specialists in information retrieval since 1986, provides you with the tools you need to implement cost-effective solutions to employee acquisition, retention, and to corporate compliance. A leading national provider of reference interviewing and background screening services, RefCheck® will partner with you to help with the complex process of building the right team. A key component of building the right team is having the information you need before you make a hiring decision. RefCheck®’s executive background checks are the most comprehensive in the industry, because we take the time to understand your organization’s needs, and we apply our proven methodology to provide you with the information you need.

Zuni Corkerton

ZuniCorkertonZuni is the Founder and President of RefCheck® Information Services, Inc.  Prior to founding RefCheck® in 1986, she was the Director of Employee Relations at a regional bank.

As the only objective component of the talent-acquisition and vetting process, RefCheck® partners with Fortune 500 companies as well as medium-size privately held companies, investors, and Board search committees to ensure that the investment they make in every hire, partnership, or appointment is a sound one. Our Executive Background Checks are the most comprehensive in the marketplace, offering the insight you need to make informed hiring decisions.

Zuni has spent years developing the tools to analyze and validate the behaviors and talents of executives in order to help RefCheck® clients to realize the ROI from the talent they acquire.  She serves as Lead Consultant and Researcher, working closely with clients to determine their needs and culture prior to the beginning of an engagement.  She is also responsible for the development of RefCheck®’s proprietary reference-checking methodology. From our executive background checks, which are our hallmark product, to the all-important background checks of all hires, RefCheck® focuses on helping their clients to ensure that their full due diligence is performed prior to making the investment in a company.

Terrence (Terry) Corkerton

TerryCorkertonTerry is the director of operations of RefCheck Information Services, Inc.  He has served in this capacity since 2003.

Prior to joining RefCheck® Mr. Corkerton held several human resources positions at The Ohio State University and National City Bank (now PNC).  He served the University as Director of Employment Services, and held other senior-level positions including Assistant Director of Labor Relations and Director of Training and Staff Development.  At National City he managed the bank’s employment office, and served as a regional manager of human resources for the bank’s central Ohio region.  Remaining in financial services, he later transitioned into Trust sales, and applied his experience in planned giving and fundraising at Ohio Wesleyan University.

Terry’s broad experience in human resources, and in business, has enhanced the company’s offerings and enables him to help their clients designing best practices in their talent acquisition activities.

Mr. Corkerton holds a Master’s degree from Northwestern University, and a Bachelor’s degree from The Ohio State University.



Awards and Certifications

Ohio-certified MBE, EDGE, and WBE