RefCheck® is a unique human resource consulting firm, specializing in vetting senior-level talent.

RefCheck® has been the innovative force in the screening industry since 1986.  Our hallmark service–executive background checks–supported by our expertise in talent acquisition and human resources, provides employers, board of director search committees, and investors with the deep dive they need prior to making a significant investment in a key hire.

Our success in the industry is based on our methodology, the skills sets of our consultants, and the tools we utilize to support and enhance our efforts in gaining as much information about executive candidates as is available.


Executive Background Checks

Our in-depth reference interviews are customized to obtain information that is relevant to our clients, so they are better able to predict each candidate’s likely success in their organization. Armed with knowledge of the client’s industry, their current challenges, culture, and environment, and the skills and style required in order to meet the demands of their strategic plans, we engage references as knowledgeable partners in the selection process.  Where clients elect, our research can be further enhanced by seamlessly integrating each position’s benchmarking process and the assessments of each candidate, which are tools that are proven to enhance the vetting process.

Our methodology is grounded in:

The Art of Reference Interviews

When you think of a reference check, what comes to mind? Calls you have received in the past, where you were asked simplistic, rudimentary questions? Calls made by entry-level staff, perhaps in a call center? Calls that resulted in an interruption of your day while not netting the caller any meaningful information?

At RefCheck® we take our business seriously. After all, we recognize that you have chosen us to work on your behalf, because you have confidence in us and want a true, objective partner in selecting your top talent.

You don’t need generic indicators of success. You need focused executive background checks that provide you with unbiased, in-depth information about your candidate, so you can select the best candidate for your organization.  Our consultants are well versed in the art of engaging a reference, by allowing our expertise to immediately show through and quickly establish rapport. The fact that most senior-level references remain on a call with us for 45 to 60 minutes is indicative not only of the quality of the questions posed, but also of our consultants’ knowledge of our clients, their industries, and the candidate’s own background. Our consultants’ skills set are what set us apart, and what engages a senior-level reference to become an active participant in the interview. (See What References Say.)


“Why Check References? Most Companies Don’t Provide Information.”

If such a statement were true, RefCheck® would not exist as a business. After all, the work we do—and have always done—is conducting in-depth reference interviews to augment the traditional background checks.

Searches of criminal and driving records, and verification of claimed academic and other professional credentials don’t speak to the qualities that an individual brings to an organization—their leadership style, their communication style, their presence, how they’re viewed by all stakeholders, their (verified) successes, their strengths, areas where they are likely to need support in order to succeed in your organization.  In other words, our reports serve as a decision-making tool as well as an on-boarding and management tool for you. Additionally, key questions explore the possibility of unethical or potentially problematic behavior that may not have been pursued through the court system. After all, in most cases criminal record searches do not net insight into unethical behavior or lapses in judgment; only through conversations with reliable references can such information be discovered.

The Facts About Background Checks

As a full-service screening company our firm provides a complete array of background checks. We work closely with each client to determine the appropriate checks to be conducted on their key hires, including media searches.

What Information Do You Wish You’d Had About Your Last Unsuccessful Hire?

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